An amazing mobile application, where you can create & participate in surveys, predictions, surveys & Quiz.

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For Individual

Can participate in survey, opinion, polls, quiz, win incentives can be redeemed via PAYTM or Amazonpay.

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For Business

Any business can conduct survey, opinion, polls about their products or services, get the real time exact results.

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Create Your Own PresQ

Become as PresQ Member, create your own Prediction, Survey, Quiz with images, videos, PDF, Audio files

Participate & Earn Rewards

Earn reward points by participating quiz, survey, prediction, and redeem in PayTM or Amazon

Promote your Business

Place your ad – upsell, cross-sell, take data-driven decisions based on opinions/feedbacks from true users

Launch Events & Enhance Experience

Launch Events – in mobile & give away rewards to users and promote your business!!!

kind words from app users


I love you PresQ because you are awesome that you team are giving money for quiz and surveys. I love being with you, this is the best app ever i have seen in playstore this is very great for all our students. I love this PresQ app.
I Love this great app. I Love this a lot it gives me an awesome day this is very fantastic app i have ever seen in this world, this app gives us real earning money everyday, Thank you PresQ.
I love you PresQ because you are awesome that you team are giving money for quiz and surveys. I love being with you, this is the best app ever i have seen in playstore this is very great for all our students. I love this PresQ app.


Getting started with!


You can download PresQ for free from Playstore or Appstore.
Launch the app in your device and login via your FB id or Google account, of course when you sign up with PresQ you will 100 bonus points.
You need request to become as PresQ Prime Member (write to & on the bottom right corner, there is a “+” button, which you click to choose between survey, quiz, and prediction.
You can redeem any points above 70. If you have 78 points you can redeem 8 points in Paytm for instant cash.
Home page there is a slide button in left side, please click to open and you can see first option as Help!

you can do promotion in many ways: Publish an ad in banner, when any user opens your ad will be get displayed, on click it can open a survey for you to capture any of user’s interest and act on the same. You can promote using inline ads, for every 5 cards user will see your ad and click it can as for further information from user. You can promote by issuing coupons which could be redeemed by users for availing offers and discounts by showing coupon number generated. You can jointly participate in mobile events which we conduct regularly and be as co presented, lot of advantages could be availed. You can engage with PresQ to have sponsored surveys/quiz for public or private people (like employees, customers, consumers, etc)

Yes. In private mode, only people with whom you share the link will be able to participate.



Whether you want to know your audience, want answers to a query, or want to opinion heard, PresQ is the fast and efficient way to do that. At PresQ, we allow you to create your own survey, quizzes, predictions, etc. in various interesting formats like image, video, or text. The app is extremely easy-to-use and interactive interface that allows you to get answers to your queries and prediction in the simplest and fastest way. Gone are the days when you have to interact with people to know their opinion. With PresQ, you can do the same in a matter of a few clicks.
An App that is Valuable for both Businesses and Individual Alike PresQ is an app that is useful for businesses as well as individuals. The corporate can use this app to understand their audience or gain their feedbacks by creating and launching surveys and opinion polls. By obtaining honest feedback and opinions of the targeted customers, companies will be able to direct their business strategies better and serve their customers better. Moreover, by creating a prediction-based survey, companies can use PresQ to generate hype about a new product launch.

While it was easy to predict how this app is useful to business, you must be wondering how it benefits individuals, right?

When a person takes part in a survey, opinion poll, quiz, etc. he or she is incentivized. Moreover, people can also create a survey and ask others their opinion about a particular product, service, or event in order to make an informed decision. So basically, everybody who uses PresQ is eventually a winner.  
Get Honest Answers to Your Questions Create your survey, prediction, or quiz to get genuine answers swiftly. You can share your creation via Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Facebook, Mail, etc. in order to obtain maximum participation.

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